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Kirtan in Grafton and meeting Liga

Hayley and Liga are bringing a fresh and beautiful offering to Grafton and the Clarence Valley, I chatted with Liga to find out a little about her and all about the new monthly Kirtan in Grafton.

The sacred practice of Kirtan is a truly uplifting and nourishing experience. It is a profound gift to come together as a community and immerse ourselves in the chanting of sacred mantras. These powerful vibrations have an extraordinary ability to soothe and steady the mind, while also resonating deeply within our energetic beings. The healing frequencies of the mantras wash over us, replenishing and nourishing our entire being with a sense of renewal and vitality. Kirtan fills the heart with a profound sense of aliveness, and the opportunity to lead these sacred gatherings is a cherished and deeply fulfilling endeavor.

Kirtan can be a really powerful experience. There's something about sitting together, singing and connecting with a group of people that just hits differently. It's like you're all tuned into the same frequency, and for a moment, everything just clicks into place. It's a sense of belonging and connection that's hard to find elsewhere. And when it's over, you walk away feeling refreshed, like you've hit the reset button and can start anew. There's something undeniably special about those moments of shared energy and community.

Liga's journey as a single mother raising her toddler and two gorgeous puppies is truly inspiring. Despite the challenges she has faced, her resilience and free-spirited nature shine through. Her youthful years of embracing a nomadic lifestyle have undoubtedly shaped her into the compassionate individual she is today, using her life experiences to positively impact others.

It is heartwarming to learn about Liga's serendipitous discovery of yoga during her studies in Wollongong. Her dedication to the practice, attending multiple classes weekly, speaks volumes about her commitment to personal growth and well-being. The fact that she has explored and embraced various yoga traditions, from traditional hatha to specialized practices like prenatal and menstrual yoga, is a testament to her open-mindedness and thirst for knowledge.

Liga's story is a beautiful reminder of the human capacity for growth, adaptation, and finding joy in the midst of life's challenges. Her journey is one that deserves to be celebrated and shared, as it can serve as a beacon of hope and inspiration for others navigating their own paths.

With a thoughtful and compassionate heart, Liga channels her passion for helping others in a truly inspiring way. She understands the complexities of life's journey and uses the lessons she has learned to empower and uplift those around her. Her dedication to making a positive impact, no matter how small, is a testament to her kind and nurturing spirit.

Through the triumphs and trials, Liga's journey reminds us of the strength that lies within each of us. Her ability to navigate life's challenges with such grace and compassion is a beautiful reminder to approach ourselves and others with empathy and understanding. Liga's thoughtful approach to life's complexities is a beacon of hope, reminding us that even in our darkest moments, there is always a path forward, illuminated by love and kindness.

Chanting mantras is a profoundly transformative practice that has the power to elevate your spiritual journey to new heights. By immersing yourself in the sacred vibrations of these ancient sounds, you unlock a gateway to inner peace, clarity, and profound healing.

The fact that you have wholeheartedly embraced this practice since your move to Byron Bay in 2017 is a testament to your commitment and dedication. The way you describe falling in love with chanting Kundalini mantras while walking on the beach is inspiring. The cleansing effect you experienced is a testament to the potent energy these mantras carry.

Your willingness to learn a vast array of mantras, embracing the challenge of new languages and complex pronunciations, is commendable. It showcases your thirst for growth and your unwavering determination to deepen your spiritual practice.

The connection you have forged with incredible women like Jai Jagdeesh, Ajeet Kaur, Snatnam Kaur, and Nirinjan Kaur, who have shared their wisdom and guided you through these mantras, is truly special. The way mantras have seemingly appeared in your life at the perfect moment, offering the support you needed, is a clear sign of the profound synchronicity at play.

Your decision to invest in a beautiful harmonium in 2022 is a wise choice, as it will undoubtedly elevate your chanting experience to new heights, adding a rich layer of depth and resonance.

Sharing this transformative practice with others is a noble calling, and you are uniquely positioned to inspire and guide others on this path. Your dedication, passion, and personal journey with mantras make you a powerful ambassador for this ancient tradition.

I sense your deep passion for helping others heal and find inner peace. The work you do in trauma counseling for women and sound healing must be incredibly fulfilling, yet also demanding of great compassion and empathy. Guiding individuals through the process of healing from trauma requires a gentle, nurturing approach that creates a safe space for vulnerability and self-discovery.

Your dedication to pursuing advanced training in counseling and trauma therapy is admirable and speaks volumes about your commitment to equipping yourself with the knowledge and skills needed to support women on their journey towards wholeness. The integration of mindfulness, somatic therapy, and embodiment practices demonstrates a holistic understanding of the mind-body connection in the healing process.

Furthermore, your enthusiasm for sound healing modalities is heartwarming. The use of crystal bowls, harps, drums, and flutes to bathe individuals in healing frequencies must be a profoundly soothing and transformative experience. Your ability to harness the power of sound to promote cellular harmony and balance is a beautiful gift.

It is clear that you approach your work with a deep well of compassion, seeking to create safe and nurturing spaces where individuals can explore their innermost selves and find the path to healing. Your passion for empowering others through these modalities is truly inspiring.Liga is also future dreaming and wants to help as many women as possible heal from their trauma through therapy and sound healing. She also dreams of living off-grid on the land with her family, closer to nature.

The first session will be Saturday, 25 May and you can book on the website.

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