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Hayley's Journey of Transformation: Yoga Story and Vision for Grafton School of Yoga

In 2012, during a soul-searching journey across Southeast Asia, I stumbled into my first yoga class, taught by fellow travelers. Little did I know, this experience would not just plant a seed of curiosity, but sprout into a transformative journey that led me to where I am today—running the Grafton School of Yoga in Australia.

Discovering Yoga: A Path to Inner Peace

My favorite aspect of yoga is the profound sense of inner peace and the shift within that comes from just a short period devoted to intentional movement, breathing, and stillness. It feels like a magical spell—a natural high that connects me deeply with myself and the universe. Yoga inspired me to turn away from external substances like drugs and alcohol and discover joy and fulfillment from within. This was not just a change in habit, but a life-changing shift in perspective.

Taking the Leap: Why I Took Over Grafton School of Yoga

When the opportunity arose to take over the Grafton School of Yoga, it felt like the universe had lined up perfectly for me. Taking on the studio meant supporting my teacher into her retirement while also nurturing the community she had built over two decades. Despite having no previous experience in managing a studio, my passion for yoga drove me to step out of my comfort zone and embrace this new challenge.

The Role of the Studio and Teaching

Since taking over, I've realized that our studio is more than just a place for yoga—it's a community center, a sanctuary where people can retreat from the stresses of the outside world. It's a service to humanity, providing a safe space for personal retreat and introspection.

Teaching yoga, to me, is akin to administering medicine. It's a responsibility I hold sacred, allowing me to pass on knowledge that acts as a remedy for many ailments, both physical and mental. Each class is a reminder of our shared humanistic tradition of healing and growth. I am deeply humbled every time I see how yoga helps individuals find their own path to self-discovery and joy.

Vision for the Future: Dreams for Grafton School of Yoga

Looking ahead, I dream of establishing the Grafton School of Yoga as a pivotal community hub. I envision it as a welcoming space for all demographics—families, children, men, and women—to explore yoga and develop lifelong health skills. My goal is to support and celebrate local teachers and various modalities that contribute to our community’s wellness.

An essential part of our mission is to increase accessibility and outreach to marginalized communities, ensuring everyone can benefit from yoga’s healing powers. Introducing yoga into schools could seed a generation that values wellbeing from a young age.

Moreover, I envision integrating the beauty of Grafton’s natural surroundings into our practice, celebrating life and yoga in local parks and gardens, and hosting free events to foster broader community participation.

Ultimately, I want to transform the perception of yoga from merely an exercise routine to an essential life skill that offers profound benefits, supporting the community’s spiritual and physical health.


Running the Grafton School of Yoga is a profound honor and responsibility. Each day, as I watch our community grow and deepen their practice, I am reminded of the transformative power of yoga—not just as a physical or spiritual practice, but as a vital life skill that nurtures the community’s heart and soul. Here, we're not just practicing yoga; we're cultivating a thriving ecosystem of wellness, peace, and joy.

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